You may be wondering who the heck I am, and that's okay. 🙂

I'll keep this pretty short.

I could tell you all about my business, Victory Editing, but I'm not here to pitch my editing business. Although if you're curious, feel free to head over and check out my editing site.

No, what I want to tell you about here is who I am and why I started Victory Academy. So yes, I am a freelance editor—I've been editing fiction books for over a decade now. I absolutely love stories and writing and the English language. But I'm also just one person and I cannot possibly edit all the books that are out in the world. Still, I want to help as many authors as I can, and that's why Victory Academy was born.

I may not be able to edit your book, but I can share techniques that will help you produce the most polished manuscript you can. Stories help people cope with the craziness in their lives, they teach, and they provide comfort. And that's always important, but now more than ever.

So real quick...

You may be wondering why the hell you should listen to me or what I could possibly teach you. That's fair. 🙂 So while I did say that I wasn't going to do a pitch on editing—and I'm not—I will say that I've been editing for over a decade. I edit for NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors, including Dannika Dark, Dianne Duvall, Elizabeth Hunter, Gena Showalter, Ilona Andrews, Lynn Raye Harris, Nalini Singh, and Thea Harrison. The books to the right are by no means exhaustive—I've edited almost 500 books as of this writing!—but this is a snapshot of some of the most recent books I've worked on.

Gimme! I want that!
The Wolf and the Wallflower
Pearl Sky
Gods & Savages
Cowboy, Kiss Me at Christmas: A steamy holiday cowboy romance
The Seven Series Companion: An Insider's Guide
Something in the Heir
Trouble Play
The Unwilling Viscount
Red Widow
Paladin's Kiss
The Dancer and the Dark
Mirror Obscure
Cowboy, Give Me Tonight
Kiss Hard

That's it—short and sweet, like I said.

I hope you'll join me in one of my classes. I can't wait to meet you and help you with your writing or freelancing journey!

Enroll in a course today—you got this!