Are you an author who wants to consistently put out stories that connect with your readers, get great reviews, and have consistent sell-through on your books?

Or a freelancer who wants to get this business thing on lock so you can concentrate on serving your clients instead of stressing about the day-to-day of admin work and email and everything else that goes along with being your own boss?

If you:

❧ have drive and ambition

❧ aren't afraid of hard work


❧ want to be in charge of your own destiny

Then pull up a chair. We're going to be great friends, I can tell already. 🙂

Get started polishing your dialogue...

In 15 minutes you'll be ready to give your characters' conversations a total upgrade with dialogue that takes your readers along for the ride. Absolutely free—my gift to you. 🙂

Gimme! I want that!

Learn. Implement. Grow.

Authors: Get readers to put your books on one-click autobuy status.

Freelancers: You know how to do the work. Learn how to run a business and love it.

Take me to the classes!

Why take classes online? It's all about the three Cs!


Whether you want to take a class for work, for school, or just for yourself, you never have to stop learning.


Learn at your own pace, when it's convenient for you. No pants required!


Ask questions and get answers in Q&A sessions where I answer real questions. Interact with other students. You won't get left in the dark.

Learn what you want, when you want.

Online classes are great. You can pick up skills that are useful for you, and you can work on the lessons at the time that's best for you, whether that's before work, listening on the drive in, after the kids are in bed—whenever!

Make the commitment...

You deserve it. The biggest thing that impacts self-improvement is doing the damn thing and following through. Map out what you need, what's going to get you where you're going—and I'm confident my classes will—and then dive in.

Take the next step.

You got this!

Yes! I want to start now!